Effectively sanitizes Aircraft cabins autonomously.

Fits Most Types of Commercial & Private Aircrafts

Eliminates Residual Viruses and Bacteria in Seconds.

Supports Multiple Equipment Type.

No Human Intervention Required.

Autonomous UV Disinfection

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The Aisle Rover UV750A is an autonomous robot that goes up and down the aisle of a commercial passenger aircraft.

The rover spreads its arms fitted with UV lamps to comfortably cover the width of the cabin and over-head bins. As it traverses the aisle, it emits Ultra-Violet Germicidal radiation in the UV-C spectrum to eliminate disease causing bacteria, virus & fungi.

Safe, hygienic and fresh cabin for passengers, every time they travel.



Aisle Rover for Aircrafts


  • Autonomous, remote controlled robot for cabin sanitization through UV (in compliance with IATA Aircraft Cleaning Guidance Manual Section 7.3).

  • Safe remote operation eliminating the risk of exposure to UV radiation to humans.

  • Easily fits through the galley and into the aisle 

  • Traverses entire length of the aisle to adequately expose all accessible surfaces with UV germicidal radiation.

  • Provides Disinfection Report (in compliance with IATA Aircraft Cleaning Manual Section 7.4.1)


  • Assures passengers of safe environment

  • Saves valuable turnaround time for Airliners

  • Thoroughly sanitizes the surface thus reducing the spread of virus/bacteria.

  • Easy to operate light weight robot; can be moved easily between aircraft.

  • Supports wide variety of Aircraft - Single Aisle / Multi Aisle

  • Cost effective and durable 


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