Thoroughly sanitizes Bus cabins.

Quick, Safe and Most Effective Disinfection 

Supports Most Types of Passenger Buses with 2X2 configuration

Safe Travels!

No UV exposure to humans.

No Aerosol / Liquid residues,

No Soiled Surfaces & Fabrics

No Odour

Disinfected Cabins, Always

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The Aisle Rover is an autonomous robot that goes up and down the aisle of any passenger transport bus.

The rover spreads its arms fitted with UV lamps to comfortably cover the width of the bus cabin. As it traverses the aisle, it emits Ultra-Violet Germicidal radiation in the UV-C spectrum to eliminate disease causing bacteria, virus & fungi.

Safe, hygienic and fresh cabin for passengers, every time they travel.




  • Remote controlled robot for cabin sanitization through UV germicidal radiation.

  • Safe remote operation eliminating the risk of exposure to UV radiation to humans.

  • Lightweight and durable. Easily fits through the bus door and into the aisle 

  • Traverses entire length of the aisle to adequately expose all accessible surfaces including seats, arm-rests, floor with sufficient dosage of UV light to disinfect them from viruses, bacteria and fungi.

  • Works on AC / Bus Power. No separate Charging Required.


  • Assures passengers of safe environment

  • Saves valuable turnaround time between trips

  • Thoroughly sanitizes the surface thus reducing the spread of virus/bacteria.

  • Easy to operate light weight robot

  • Supports most type of 2X2 buses (column less and flat aisles)

  • Cost effective and durable 


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